Thursday, January 31, 2013

Remember boy you're a superstar!

"It's taken a while to get back to the blog." Perhaps, in a world increasingly dominated by microblogs these are the most common words in the blogosphere. As one who benefits from mentally editorialising, it's a shame not to be able to elaborate and structure my thoughts in the ether of a blog on a more regular basis but microblogs do have their powers: The photos attached are from occasional emergences in that sphere.
I'm enjoying my work. As someone who is also plotting to move company this is an important admission - but that's where considered decisions can form. Today I gave a warning letter ending, thankfully, in a smile; I informed a teacher she'd had complaints and she eagerly soaked up advice; I gave another relatively unmotivated teacher her performance review. And beyond that I did a training session to 20 service specialists in the morning; oh, and I finalised a chess event in March; gave a grammar study group; finalised our Successful Students project; brainstormed openly with another. And another one, a real powerhouse who produced this I barely spoke to. Such is a day of so many focusses. There is drama and tension in a lot of those summary sentences. But satisfaction too.
Books consumed my pre-diploma time last year. They were an outstanding feature - another year I'm literally thankful for. I'm not sure if I mentioned that I finished The Water Margin weeks ahead of schedule. With the diploma, time seems so much less. At present I'm having my rare moment enjoying music on China's version of youtube. Listening to music that once transported me, playing with the music videos I'd never seen. Tricky, a performer I like, made two straight albums of mostly short songs. There is a beauty in short songs. At first you get the feeling of something over far too soon, but that's life. They pass far too quickly. You go back and you can cherish every beat of it more.