Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Thunder, all through the night!

Morning grey, lunch showers, afternoon downpours and evening storms. The climate gears have turned and clouds churned into summer mode. Yesterday was in fact the "lixia" the period on the Chinese calender that indicates summer begins. That didn't stop Xi'an in central China from snowing a few weeks ago. It's hard to regulate the weather.

This wet period also marks my days back in my home centre, armed with just a solitary crutch that is only really called into use when ascending and descending the stairs. It's good to be back, but gosh it's hard work. There is a lot to do and I'm teaching almost as much as a my teachers are while managing. Either end of my day, I'm doing exercises and even started going to the gym to use the exercise (probably the most vigorous exercise I've been recommended to do, and even that with no resistance). But it's been good to be active again. Being able to bend my knee means that I can go in a car comfortably, go to the movies and take the bus. 

The weather has also impacted what was going to be some relaxing time to celebrate our second anniversary. It was 9 May 2012 that we registered our marriage and the main date that we'll observe our anniversary. We were planning a much delayed trip to a hot spring. (My leg had prevented it and a trip to Thailand earlier in the year.) Now with the persistent stormy weather we won't be going this year. It's a bit of a shame but does give us a nice long weekend just to relax.

My use of my new phone is going to all new extents: Language Exchange (HelloTalk, where have you been my whole life); podcasts of all natures; it is again hard to know whether this is a great benefit or a great distraction. But please let me get distracted enough to find out.