Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Behind the Curtain

Well, now I know the feeling of being behind the curtain on a play.
I know what goes into the changes in lighting, the different people co-ordinating behind the scenes.
And I know that being nervous about a rehearsal is almost laughable... Yet it is hard not to be.


James said...

Agreed. I was nervous tonight, because I thought the others would be watching and that they would be much better at acting than me. But, when we actually did the rehersal, I had fun. I liked acting. It was too bad that we had to rush through our lines.

I'm looking forward to the real performances.

Crypticity said...

Yeah, in a way it was a good anticlimax because it defuses some of the anxiety. But then again, I had a long night last night trying to get to sleep. I think some of my background anxiety has merged into the kind that will noisily keep me awake.

I hope the comment "its so silly" (from one of the people watching) was not a critical comment. Don't know if anyone else heard that.

But I did like scaring them at the beginning :-)

ideacat said...

Ben said he really liked the play yesterday, and so did Tiffany (the girl who acts in Ben's play).