Monday, January 24, 2005

Damnit Squared

I got an e-mail today saying that the position that I had most of my hopes pinned on has been taken by someone other than me. Time for a big re-evaluation of what I am going to be doing.


James said...

That really sucks. I think that you would be a great teacher, so it is surprising that you haven't been offered a teaching position yet.

Are there many schools that you are still waiting to hear back from?

Crypticity said...

Yeah, there are some schools that have not got back to me but the majority are positions starting in the second term, which is annoying, but provided I am still aiming to teach this year, are still quite acceptable.

BUT at the same time, I cannot afford to pin my hopes on them either. I am not going to wait till mid-February to find again that I have no school to call home.

So I am evaluating slightly different jobs, overseas short term ESOL teaching and ways to be productive and active in the in between time.

lightspirits said...

That's strange...I always have the impression that there're a shortage of teachers in NZ, how come it's so difficult for you to get a position?

My 7th form Physics teacher was really bad, she can't even teach without the text book as if it's the bible, yet she was able to be a teacher!?

I agree with James that you'll be really good as a it's kind of surprizing to hear what you're going through right now.