Saturday, June 25, 2005

Hotel Rwanda

On Friday, I went to see this movie, slightly due to the fact that the movie I wanted to see (Down Fall) was not available, and I had originally planned to see it at a previous film festival but neglected to see any from that selection.

But this movie is powerful. The fact that it is a fact that this happened is probably the strongest element in its power. It enacts the crucial days before and after the Rwandan genocide where almost a million people died in bloody ethnic cleansing.

The acting was great, especially the lead, Don Cheadle, an American actor who was convincing as Paul Rusesabagina. He was the savior to a great many of those who would have been otherwise killed. An Oscar Schindler or John Rabe for the modern time.

For me it clarified the cause of the conflict, and what people mean when it is said, "The UN failed in Rwanda". So on an awareness basis, it was an important film to see. It also is a lesson in global responsibility, and in reflection, with the Darfur crisis just past us, was that a repeat? On the whole, this is a good movie and well worth the effort to see.

One interesting aside was that the small LibertariaNZ political party had this ad before the movie. It was actually very interesting to juxtapose it next to the movie.

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Crypticity said...

Heh, there was a debate broadcast on National Radio about whether the UN should be dismantled or whether it just requires reform.

It was quite interesting, but the audience got to decide who won by a show of hands. After the show of hands, the chair simply said: "Well, it is quite obvious who won. Thank you for coming for this special..... yadayada" IT WAS BROADCAST ON THE RADIO! How is it obvious?? Ah, anyway, my inferential skills tell me that the crowd overwhelmingly chose reform rather than dismantling.