Thursday, July 28, 2005

A Brand New Phase

Work at ALC has ended. All school based ESOL is off. For the short-term I am not going to apply for primary jobs to work at my new "In-company ESOL" project. My hourly wage is handsome and the hours a week I work is growing, and even a new tutoring lead courtesy of Winston has arisen.

So I now have an interesting new professional phase and also time to focus on my languages! How delightful!


lightspirits said...

Does that mean you're becoming self-employed?
It's actually a really good thing to do, being one's own boss & learn to generate income independently (if it fits your passion that is)...something I plan to do after I got my foot in the CG industry.

Crypticity said...

Well, I had a rush of motivation for it and it settles my life into a pattern till at least the end of the year, and is well worth trying if not continuing with in the long term.

Tomorrow is the real start of the mental planning and work to make it become a business rather than a bumbling side-project.

Yeah, generating your own wealth is a more empowering experience.