Monday, August 08, 2005


I haven't come off work well and I have struggled to step back into a productive rhythm. And what is worse, the price of organic chickpeas has skyrocketed (3 times what it was). But all is not bad, I have increased my F&P work by 1 1/2 hours a week which is nice. Also my disturbing dreams have ceased (well my memorable dreams). I am making my own social event and already mentally planning my birthday party.

I also tried to go completely crazy, trying to increase consumer spending over Xin's birthday weekend, which also coincided with The Food Show. Food Shows tend to make me go funny. I love to be surrounded by such interesting food and new products. Despite the exorbitant entry price ($18), you get a whole meal of samples and drinks, get vouchers to reduce the price of things you buy and get discounted things. Of course with me, I buy pricy unimportant things. I love buying (edible) oils. I got hempseed oil this time and came close to getting a wonderfully expensive bottle of olive oil, but I couldn't find the stall... The tea side of thing was good and bad. The Twinnings stall was very disappointing but Chai and Kerikeri Tea did well and one benefitted for my extravagance.


James said...

Have you got your tea party stock from the Food Show?

Crypticity said...

Heh, well I did get three kinds of tea from the Food Show but only one of them is in consideration to be included at the tea party.

I bought dirt-cheap Red Seal Spice Rooibus and the new range of Healtheries tea, Cocoa Chai. But they are both bag tea and I want to use just leaf tea at the party.

I already regret only buying one canister of tea at the other place (Kerikeri tea).