Tuesday, November 15, 2005


I got a call last night saying I had a job interview in Wellington for the linguist analyst job. Wow! What's more, they will buy my plane ticket! Apparently it is a long application process for this particular job but I will give it a shot. It might be fun.


James said...

Heh. What do you mean it might be fun? It WILL be fun! :-)

How long are you staying in Wellington for?

Crypticity said...

Well, she [the lady who called me about it] is trying her best to get me a flight back on the same day as the interview, so I might fly down in the morning and then back up in the evening. Fortunately it is a Wednesday and in the afternoon so I don't miss a day of work.

It's kinda well timed too as I will be having language tests for it and it is a few days after my Japanese test and I will indulge in some Chinese before I get interviewed too.