Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A First?

Edwin asked one day what was something that could really be considered strange that I had done or something that I had done that no-one else had ever done before or something like that (feel free to say the exact question, Edwin). Some people are wont to call themselves strange, y'know, without any decent reason (apart from the idea that you vary from the norm, well who doesn't).

Anyway, although I may or may not have answered satisfactorily that day, perhaps another thing to add to the hypothetical list is a telephone-call where Xin and I simultaneously brushed our teeth for the first few minutes of the call tonight.

But naturally one doesn't know if other people engage in such adventurous combinations of ordinary tasks as we do. And at the same time, there is no strange in reality without comparison, and it was thus I answered that day, in the main.


James said...

Nice question. I would say that you are stranger than most. But, the concept of "strange" depends on what is "normal". And, can you point to anyone who is the model of "normal"? Probably not, so perhaps then everyone is equally strange!

Tangent: you are wont to use "wont" in your postings.

Crypticity said...

And I see you are wont to pick up words from me (or rather, not, alas one word a wont maketh not).

I'd dispute being 'stranger than most' on the basis of 'Normality' being to a large part socially constructed and to accept it as real is to be on a hiding to nothing. Relative to me, all and sundry are a strange and sorry mess.