Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Middle East

I've never believed in Karma in a metaphysical sense but there is a lot to be said about Karma in geopolitics and life in general. The whole of human history is karma, its build up and realisation - and this is shown clearly in the Middle East. Looking at it historically, it is rather cringe-worthy, firstly the Biblical lead up, the Crusades of the Dark Ages, Zionism of the last century and the present day result. Karma is being inflicted on the civilians of the involved states, and karma is being built up again through the actions of both sides.

In the metaphysical world of karma, you reap what you sow, and this is what we'd hope would be true in the real actions of the world. To this of course we must ask, why do both sides unremittingly sow malevolence?

How do we solve the Middle East conflict? You can't. It can only be untied by the expense of lives and time while letting the bad karma be 'realised' and only then can peace stand a chance.


James said...

Your blog posting is so timely for me. I just saw a series of documentaries at the Academy, about that exact topic, tonight.

From an independent viewpoint, what both "sides" are doing seems irrational. They are just building up resentment and any revenge which results is explainable in that sense.

So, the way to resolve it is, as you suggest, do nothing - let the situation play itself out, then the other side doesn't feel like it needs to retaliate and continue the cycle.

Crypticity said...

I more meant 'do nothing' from my perspective. It is easy to get oneself emotionally entangled in these things. But they are both willingly doing it to themselves - it is there fate to bear. 'Innocent' people wil die but that is life.

Hizbollah will never 'do nothing' because they have a purpose. HAMAS will never 'do nothing' because they have a purpose. Israel will always do something because it fears inaction most of all.

When you select a 'do nothing' attitude, you become a bit more subjective. I had thought the whole discussion about whether Israel was being a tad excessive in its hit back on Lebanon. I mean blowing up the International Airport to attack a fringe group?? But then, nyeh, there are no rules to these things and they will pay for what they buy in the end. You can't always lead a horse to water, when the horse is really a dumb-ass. So why tell either group what is appropriate. Go for gold, guys.

It is a case study in stupidity and it's only a lesson in what not to do.

James said...

Ha! You're dumb-ass horse metaphor is great! Mental note: must use that.

James said...

Sigh... now you're distracting me from my grammar too!

Crypticity said...

Heh. Well you're a dumb-ass too. Call me a dumb-ass again and I'll kick you're dumb-ass!