Monday, November 13, 2006


Excuse my german. Today was the culmination of the last month. And I'm shattered. The presentation went off passably. There was the funny moment when the screen automatically went up half way through the presentation. It was put together largely within the last week and a half. This last 24 hours have been rather exhausting. But it's a Monday, and Mondays are the first day of the week. I'd better have a good night sleep.


Crypticity said...

Oh yeah, and it illuminates for me the problem with preparing presentations. Firstly, I have very little judgement when it comes to estimating time. I thought it would struggle to get to two hours - it actually went to 3 hrs 25 mins!

There were other lessons, and on the whole this has been an indispensible experience, especially if I aim to be a generalist trainer in the future.

James said...

How do you be a generalist trainer? Would you need to study topics you don't otherwise know about, then make presentations?

Crypticity said...

A generalist trainer would work for a Training and Development dept or a training organisation. It can be for any kind of skills such as presentation, people management etc.

F&P and E&Y have rather extensive training departments and I believe there are training organisations out there that act as consultants or contractors.

But it would be good to have report writing and English teaching as a core and training skills to complement that. It is usually for softer topics.