Monday, July 16, 2007

It's the pong!

I did a long procrastinated thing yesterday: I visited the Auckland Table Tennis Association. I adore ping-pong but without the convenience of being a language school teacher (where sometimes I played ping-pong for a longer time than I taught English!) I pretty much haven't played it. But I'm back spinning and smashing. Finally something to keep me fit perhaps.

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Crypticity said...

I'm learning some good lessons at ping-pong that have been a long time coming. Today one of my experienced opponents took me aside and explained some principles that I hadn't ever learnt.

One of the crucial has been the weakness with the pen-grip that I use. For him, it was obvious that I hadn't learnt to cover this weakness and could pretty much win most points with a rather simple tactic that didn't require any aggression or skill whatsoever. No-one has really beaten me so thoroughly with this strategy.

I felt my play today was weaker while I was digesting the principles. Hopefully, next time I will be able to focus better and execute my shots without such a cluttered mind.