Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chickens all here, accounted for, and ready for action


James said...

Would you like me to attest your chicken accounting?

Crypticity said...

You're welcome to have a look at my accounting sometime (when I'm back in NZ). I probably need someone to see if it looks proper. And besides I can show off my brilliant new timetable spreadsheet. The chickens I was referring to were the ones associated with the Wellington opportunity, which I had counted many times over, and upon receiving a call yesterday morning, found they are coming home to roost from mid-January; The scenario of working lots is now a certainty.

And on the last working day of the year, after trying hours to get my new squashed schedule to work, I get a call from my most faithful clients, 'We've got a few more people we'd like to fit into your schedule'.

And when I need to look around for a potential partner in crime, I'm being whisked away to China...

Actually, I can't wait to get to China so I can forget about work for once; That is probably the most important thing to do now!