Thursday, August 28, 2008

New surroundings

Well, on the good side I've landed in what seems to be a pretty good pad where I'll stay for at least the next six months. The good:
  • Good location: 150 Symonds St (Unit 4), with all the conveniences of the city, an easy walk to the Domain and Newmarket Pool, Rialto, oh yeah and two clients.
  • Cool flatmate and landlady: Both are chatty and positive, no psychobatch for sure. And I need to have chatty people.
  • Spacy bedroom: I have the most space I've ever had in a bedroom, a huge bed (and very supportive mattress). It is dry: The rooms I have lived in for the last 8 years have had major dampness problems, which probably hasn't helped my health or the quality of my books and papers. I have afternoon sunlight coming into my room. And I have my own bathroom. The landlady provided all the furnishings; I have bookshelves galore (I was going to be choosy with my books but there is no necessity to be so now).
  • Almost everything I need is here: Except for some bedding and some bathroom stuff which would be beyond what you'd expect anyway! Broadband is nice (Listening to Radiohead now).
  • It has stairs (until I next sprain my ankle, this will be fun).
  • It has a wonderful lounge and cute kitchen. Good for entertainment purposes.

The not ideal:

  • The room is facing the road. The first night wasn't bad though and it is one of those things that you just get used to. They have soundproofing.
  • The price was actually higher than my price range but the above considerations and timing were far more important to me.

So, if anyone has time in the evening, give me a text and come on over.

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Crypticity said...

New advantage uncovered:

- Dancing is easy in the space in my room. I've got a stereo in my room now and am enjoying it immensely.

New realities observed or realised:

- It is warm up here (and it wasn't meant to be that warm outside). I'm starting to worry about Summer...
- Hoodie-clad bros hanging around the gates. I'm going to turn into a raving Conservative soon.
- The car entrance is a little tricky due to the road layout with road dividers, one-way roads and other things meaning every return is a tricky thing (unless you're coming from the motorway).

Hmmmm more negatives than positive uncovered.