Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Daniel on the classroom floor

I'm floating. No, really I am. It has been exactly a month since my anxiety faded into nothingness. All I've been left with is a general levity, not an ounce of stress in my whole entire body. I've had favourable conditions, it's true. Work is not work. It has sustained itself and, without any doing of my own, is building up and producing more opportunities. (My reality check will come this Thursday when one opportunity will actually make me put my nose to the grindstone!) I've had pleasant preoccupations, considerate friends at my side and no hick-ups.

My dermatitis has finally left its stronghold on my right hand. My back-pain (AKA Xin-pain) has completely gone. The apparent and underlying stress is draining from me slowly. I enjoy my back stretches. One I do on my back to adjust my hips: pop-pop-pop, and ohhhhhh, how nice it is to just lie on my back on the classroom floor. I could stay there for hours.

This has been a faith-builder in the power of life, the temporacy of turmoil and the joy of being. It is now that I take a breather before I dive back in.


Jo said...

I love my back and hip stretches too. :-)

Pop pop pop pop pop. :-)

PS I've got you on my GoogleReader now.

Crypticity said...

Ah, excellent.

You've converted me to googlereader. If only my friends were as prolific in their blogging as I am. (Quickly checks to find that actually one of his friends HAS blogged!)

lightspirits said...

Man...your back pain experience is the most theatrical example I've seen on how the mental/subconscious affects the physical (ie. body).

Shows how carrying someone else's emotional baggage can hurt one's health literally.

Congrats on your new found well-being.

Crypticity said...

Well, I may as well be theatrical to the core. And having a body that has become a stage, it has been instructive to observe.

Crypticity said...
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