Friday, November 21, 2008


October was cruisy. October was cool. New work was on the horizon and everything was at peace.

It was peaceful until this week, when upon me fell a ton of bricks: I truly had to work harder than I have ever had during my working life; I had to endure more tiredness than I've usually have. It also sets a few new personal records too.

The next few weeks will quiet down till the new year and then hopefully it will open up afresh.

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Crypticity said...

The blessing and the curse for the week was, of course, the Business Writing course. It was a course created by me 2 years ago, sold to my client, used once and not used again until now, where it was used twice in a single day!

The first run through was interesting. I remember the first time I did it I had the shakes. It was rather exhilarating. This time apart from a little bit of verbal diarrhoea at the beginning and in parts it went rather well. The participants were great. I hadn't facilitated anything for quite some time; but this has given me another taste of it.

The second run through was funny because the participants were from a different department and noticeably quieter. I delivered it smoother though, and upon completion, I got some quality feedback from the Learning and Development person.

One crucial development since the first use of this course was the addition of pre-work and post-work: in this case, the submission of a piece of professional writing. That is easy for them: They just attach a file and send it to me. I underestimated the sheer quantity of work I had to do associated with it. I was planning to spend Wednesday evening rehearsing the points I wanted to say in the actual session but instead went past midnight administrating the pre-work! (This wasn't just my fault; the company had only got the participants to send the 26 participants to send me their work within the last few days.) I only prepared the actual content for about an hour: mostly finicking with the powerpoint. As a result, embarrassingly, a presentation that mentions proofreading was ironically cursed with a couple of slip-ups.

3 hours of writing training doesn't necessarily sound like the most enlivening session but I believe I delivered what I promised. And what's more entertained (I still don't know where I get this capacity from). In a long session you need a sense of humour and innate enthusiasm for the topic, both of which I have.

So to sum up: Mission accomplished and long live the Business Writing course!