Monday, September 26, 2011


So we were kicking around a shuttlecock in our apartment complex patio area when a voice came from behind us. It was a mother talking to her children about the game and presumptiously asking if they'd like to join us in the kicking. The two boys said they didn't but still walked around to a position that incidentally completed a triangle to observe us.
Mid-play, the shuttlecock launched off the side of my foot in their direction and they leadfootedly let it drop down next to them without any attempt to kick it back into the air.
"No-one got it!" I dramatically cried in Mandarin.
Their mother from behind called out that they should join in when the oldest one stomped away yelling in English: "I'm from New Zealand!"
I had never expected him to say that! "I'm also from New Zealand!" I called back but he wasn't listening or wasn't interested.

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