Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Bonuses are their own reward

After knackering myself with another late night, I pulled out another good day of teaching out of my bag of tricks. In the morning, I only have one student but managed to bring out the necessary points. I did reflect though, that it could have been so much better...

Then, in the afternoon class I was suddenly given two observers who seemed to enjoy themselves. So hopefully another two bonuses of $50. Then there was the curious staff meeting.

Earlier in the day, a student recruitment firm from Korea had met with the managers and some of the Korean students. This is when it gets interesting. Apparently the Korean students in my afternoon class raved about Daniel and his English in Action course. So much so that the agent mentioned me specifically back to the management, saying that if this "Daniel" fellow is teaching, they would be sending students here! So at the staff meeting, management announced they were giving me an extra $50 bonus. I am not sure what the thinking of management is toward me now. An employee who has already declared himself leaving at the first chance, whom an agency now says is crucial to their choice to send students. What was one do?

Of course, if I were a pessimist I would say he has nothing to fear, I am stuck here. My trip out for another interview tomorrow is a undesirable position (but is it the best I can get? Long term reliever in a year 2 to 3 class) at a good school.

Anyway, I am concerned about my planning for the afternoon class now. My mornings off did not generate a buffer of planning that was originally intended. I was half-relying on this week to give me that. Then why did I accept morning teaching this week? Maybe the fact that I effectively gave away $400 by not working in the mornings got to me subconsciously.

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Crypticity said...

And now another two $50 bonuses... The two that came to observe my class last week are starting next week... Now there will be 9 in the class... we might need to move to a bigger classroom.