Thursday, April 28, 2005

Flux and Fuzz

Ah, ti~me is on my side, yes it is~ Well, things are pretty nice right now.

My interview at King's School was pretty interesting but ultimately has not given me a third term position. It has been the interview where I have got the most encouragement though - he said he would like me to work at his school but not now with the positions that are open. He has kept my CV in the hope (mine and his) that there will be opportunities knocking at the end of the year.

Ping-pong is consuming my afternoons but I am enjoying it and it is a good workout too. With my confidence in my foot rising it is nice to reclaim some of my fitness. I might extend it somehow. I am also keen to donate blood some time soon... My blood feels kinda rich, full of energy.

On the other hand, my preparation for my afternoon class, formerly the jewel in my teaching crown, has suffered in terms of preparation. Still excellent and the students have had a ball, but as the teacher, I should be more confident with my materials before going in. My morning class, compared to when I first came back are almost teaching masterpieces. Except for the time the assessor came in... oh dear.

Anyway, with the tide I go out~

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