Sunday, May 22, 2005

Quote from an acquaintance

In 2001, while on a Habitat for Humanity build, I met a guy called Sandor Lau (Sandor is pronounced Shon-door). I only found out later what a talented, motivated person he was. He is a Fulbright Scholar. I spotted him on Asia Down Under (presenting just one item on the Auckland Film Festival). And then he appeared with a documentary on both TV1 and Maori TV, Behaviours of a Backpacker, both times I missed. It is on the Asian Film Festival though, next Sunday at 4pm (paired with another short movie).

Anyhow, with the knowledge that he obviously had the desire to push himself to the top (something I have a lot of admiration for), I wasn't surprised to hear him on Radio New Zealand this morning, commenting about the scandal of the Ba'athist party members being found in NZ. He was rather forthright with his views, delivering a wonderfully rhetorical leftish spiel. He did have one humorous, but meaningful line:

"War is just terrorism with a budget"
He then went on to assert that members of the British Labour Party and Americans in general should be treated with high suspicion if they should want to come to New Zealand as the war against Iraq is considered illegal by Kofi Annan etc.
Anyhow, I will be looking forward to more from him, and hopefully will finally see his film.

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