Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A Change

As my work-life changed from being at a work-place to being predominantly at home, I was confronted with the challenge to change my habits. It is far too easy to be lazy at home.

Today can be a landmark of sorts. It is the first day at home that I have worked myself to exhaustion at home. After one spell of typing, my arms had a sudden feeling that I could type no longer on the computer. I even felt a little dizzy (thought I might have another tinnitus attack, but apparently not).

After all that, I went and did a practice test for HSK, which probably was not the best choice of times to do so, I completely missed a few of the listening questions. I think the test was harder too, and I probably wouldn't have matched my previous scores anyway. Needless to say, my score was lower than expected.

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James said...

I agree. It is easy to be lazy when you are at home. That's why it is good to have commitments - in a way, it forces you to be productive.

I have two days off from work for study for my first CA exam. I am still going to the office, at the usual time, as I usually would, so I can ensure more productive days.