Monday, October 03, 2005

Party time

Well my 27th birthday has passed once more. This time a much less ambitious party plan was chosen, and went smoothly.

Probably the nicest revelation is to find I can take on much less mental burden and still have a party go well. Usually I usually squash myself with stress and preparation, and usually control things far too much. This time, I even darted out of the house to grab some sushi for about 15 minutes. Everyone still seemed to be chatting nicely when I had returned.

Some of my overpreparations came to nothing. I was really concerned about there being enough food, but in the end it was just enough. I had to be reminded that I had sushi, completely forgot I had olives, didn't put out the alternative beverages and even when I did, everyone kept drinking the tea. The food side of things almost fell apart, with some food not living up to expectations in my eyes but were praised by others. One person seemed intent on finding my secret ingredient to my Tomato Basil Tofu.

The strange day was short but far superior to the previous effort on the 13th of August last year. There were sufficient ideas, and more importantly will, to go through with things - this might be due to those involved. I resolved a curious doubt I had about the philosophical question dilemma, where no-one seemed to be interested in contributing a substantial question and may approach the issue differently next time.

Leg-wrestling: Andrew (winning the final against Xin)
Straightface keeping: Paul (2 mins 30 seconds undefeated)


ideacat said...

A distantly related note:
my tutor said that it is not possible to "plan" a "spontaneous" party.

Crypticity said...

Very true. Although you can leave as much room as possible for the spontaneous to occur - and the expectation that anything will be accepted.

James said...

Your 27th birthday has passed once more? What do you mean "once more"? You write nonsense sometimes... :-)

James said...

And another thing, you're not 27, you're 26! Unless you're counting your actual day of birth as a birthday. (I suppose there is a logic behind that).

ideacat said...

James' comment is echoed in the sentence: "Usually I usually..."

Crypticity said...

Heh, well it is usually a result of over-editing and not really checking. I might make a sentence, go back on it, add something, do the end, middle... ladida.. and then send all the while multitasking (like listening to the radio in Chinese and running out to boil the jug). That's how the "once more" comes into it. I probably put that first, then came back to write the 27th.

27th birthday... hmmmmm... well yes the logic does work, doesn't it! That's why I must have wrote it!

Usually I usually... hell, frankly I think someone has cracked my password, messing with my stuff and is trying to ruin my reputation as a serious English teacher!

Crypticity said...

Does this mean I have a free hit on both of your blogs should you be a little bit loose with your grammar?

James said...

Heh. I suppose, under the doctrine of reciprocity. I usually write my blog while doing nothing else, so there should be few grammatical errors (and only pedantic ones, at that).

I just thought that those mistakes in your blog were funny.