Saturday, May 06, 2006

Before sleep, before dreams

One of the interesting zones of semi-conscious awareness is the time when your mind is falling into sleep but you are also half-awake. Xin, heard me once tell her "So this would be good for your research" (was that it Xin?) when I had almost fallen asleep. This was not connected at all to what was being said or what Xin was doing. She was doing some of her art work at the time. I can vaguely remember that there was a reason for saying it but I can't remember it.

Again tonight, while I was lurking on the verge of sleep I could have sworn that Xin asked me a question, I remember having a really visual answer and was going to try and express it in words, something like "If the soldiers in Nazi Germany can, ..." suddenly I couldn't remember my answer nor the question and asked Xin to repeat her question. She said she hadn't ask me a question.

Anyway, that is my musing before I go down into my dreams for tonight.

P.S. About a month ago, I told many people that I had a dream about a tsunami hitting Auckland. Strangely enough a tsunami possibility scenario arose in the last few days when a 8 magnitude earthquake hit Tonga, although there was no tsunami.


ideacat said...

I did not ask you a question, but I was saying something to you and your were about to bring in a comback of some sort. I can't remember was I was saying though.

James said...

Hey yeah. I only just made the connection between your tsunami dream and the warning after you mentioned it. It's strange. Any other natural disaster dreams?

Crypticity said...

Heh, well nothing comes to mind in the way of natural disasters but all sorts of crazy things happen in dreams. Am I to think that there will be a war (as indicated by my 25/4) or a serial murderer (as per 27/4)? Counting days, the tsunami warning was 29 days after the tsunami dream.

James said...

You have fantastic dreams. When I recall my dreams, they usually have some audit aspect to them. I think that's because it's taking up a lot of my time these days.