Monday, May 01, 2006

A third down

Well that was quick, one third of the year has been completed, now where am I? Where am I going?


An annoying start to the year but has been getting better. My eyes are fine, my teeth are fine, my back is no longer chronically sore (only a very localised problem occasionally), and my ankle is not majorly sore and should be back in working order in a week or two. I feel fitter than I did at the beginning fo the year. My plans are to go to a chiropractor, and do yoga and/or alexander technique for my back. Allow my ankle whatever time it needs and slowly build up strength and stamina through walking and possibly running nearer the end of the year.


Since the start of the year I haven't applied for any jobs and no particular other jobs have appealed to me. My In-Company Tuition has been useful but whether it is sustainable is still debatable. My current plan is to keep tutoring till the end of the year, although keeping an eye out for possible advertised positions. Market hard now for a new company to tutor to and try to work as close as I can to full time. Apply for Master of Speech Language Therapy (SLT) at University, and if selected do that for the next two years. If not selected, re-evaluate.


After sorting out when I will be paying two large wads of money to tax, I figure that to have enough money to do what I want I had better earn much more money and to cut a few expenses which may require some budgetting. Fortunately a few big expenses have already been paid such as medical bills (including wisdom teeth), trailwalker money, insurance.


Xin is nice. Planning to move in quite soon.


I will concentrate on what is required for SLT first. The chinese advanced test can be my challenge another year. For SLT, they have a restriction of 16 students, so there is a selection process and my qualifications are not directly what they are looking for but I would like to do some preparation throughout the year and have a go at applying in November.

Little projects

Despite there being a huge number of little projects I have on the back-burner, I have not done any in this third of the year. Trailwalker has been my only undertaking of any size. So I will be prioritising and scheduling the others wisely throughout the year.


James said...

That's a nicely thought-out performance review. Good luck for getting into the speech language therapy course. Do you know what all of the requirements are? How likely do you think you are to get in?

I would be impressed if you were running by the end of the year. Don't worry about taking things slowly until you are sure that your feet can handle it.

Crypticity said...

My visit to the chiropractor was successful, I wish I had gone earlier. He found all new places for my spine to make popping noises. Apparently one leg was a little longer than the other due to a slight misplacement in the hips (perhaps this influenced my ankles). Because of the unevenness in my hips, my spine had to curve to keep me straight and balanced, thus giving me the sore shoulder... Let's hope the adjustments work like magic.