Thursday, May 17, 2007

Natural rhythms

They are invading again! They are coming from all sides, through the gaps under the doors and through the windows. Pregnant Mantises, that is, ready to lay their egg cases in the dryness of the house. That desire causes me to remove them several times daily. They're are tripping over themselves to get in - sometimes at their own peril. I saw one enmeshed in a spiderweb and another had fallen into an uncovered jug with a little disinfectant in it. That isn't good for them. Fortunately the peak is over and border security can rest.

Jupiter is rising high in the night sky. With my new found astronomic awareness, I now am following its progress through the arc of the zodiac. It is absolutely stunning, currently residing in Scorpio, and is going to be in complete opposition (a Full Jupiter) on June 6. I can't wait. It is the last 'star' to disappear in the morning. Last week I was watching it till my carpool friend picked me up. It was still shining after the sun had risen!

The climax of this week however has already passed. In my third busy work week in succession, I had several additional obligations that sapped my time and energy. I can now rest with my Earl Grey Cream and reflect. Today especially was the culmination of a pile of work resulting in 6 hours of sustained activity: A speech at a powhiri (with a good proportion of te reo Maori), a conducting a lesson in Maori language, an hour session on culture and then instruction in Ti Rakau (maori stick games). There was a lot of good that came out of it. Namely, I met some really great people, and what's more, there were some fascinating conversations and there were some important discussions that flowed from the culture discussion. Everything went more smoothly than the last time I did facilitation at this event. My speech was more sophisticated in intent and language and was appreciated by the hosts. I am glad I was asked to help - although I don't like the idea that perhaps I am over-relied upon. I'd hope others are inspired to be able to do such sessions or to find people capable of doing so.

This week has also featured some rather startling ineffable realisations. Sometimes you require 'that' to clarify 'this' and then 'neither and both' to level 'them'. Never try to explain the ineffable. You start to sound like you are making stuff up.

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