Thursday, August 02, 2007

Presenteeism, infection, incubation, symptoms and exhaustion

I believe a circle was completed today. Last Thursday my newest student came slightly under the weather to my class. He had been sick, off-work for a day and had come back to work still not 100%. "Shouldn't you be still offwork I asked him?" He demurred.

Monday evening, I had forgotten my keys and had to wait for Xin to return. I felt unwell as the rain came intermittently. Upon getting in, I increasingly felt uncomfortable. It was the flu. Tuesday and Wednesday were both spent at home ($300 of income lost). Back I went today, I had thought I was mostly back to health but I wasn't. Each of the five lessons today were long and it was a relief as each finished.

The last lesson of the day I met the student from last Thursday. He had had two days off this week already, still being ill. In fact, he still had a sore throat and had got antibiotics to treat it.

Driving home was exhausting. I feel rather deadish.

Did I come back too early too?

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