Monday, September 01, 2008

In Memorial

On Saturday just past, Noel Muller passed away. Despite being handicapped both physically and verbally by a stroke, he was always a strong, engaging and kind individual and I enjoyed the opportunity to discuss things with him. I went to chat with him weekly not out of a sense of obligation or charity, but the desire to spend time with him. I will miss his company.

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Crypticity said...

The funeral was beautiful. I was probably the second most choked up person there despite the number of people and I hardly knew him. But I might have been crying for myself.

It shows the greatness of a big family: He had four children who've all had children; he even had great grandchildren playing on the pews.

His grandchildren were in the same position as me, having never known him as an eloquent, gregarious person. His pre-stroke life was amazing to hear and it gets closer to me understanding why his son, prior to his death, had said that his father was quite justifiably the best, most benevolent person he has ever known.