Thursday, February 03, 2005

Assorted notes

How depressing! My former classmates are at the front of various classrooms right now...
It is uncomfortable to think about.

I had another shark dream last night. A big 'un!
Maybe it was the swimming on Monday and the mention of Open Water.

Last weekend, I heard the same story from two former drinkers.
One said that last year he vomited up blood after a drinking binge.
He said it marked a point of change in his life.

My case manager hasn't called me yet to check if I am trying my hardest to get a job.
I am! I just applied to a really good looking job as Education Officer for the NZ Army museum.
Fingers crossing.

Maybe my left foot will never be 100%. I don't like such a confession.

Some of my old goals which I haven't been doing are coming back. I am clearing the backlog of Koorero Mai episodes I taped, reading many parts of the Bible, and re-reading history.

Did you know a 'New Zealander' was a Nazi SS agent?

Ah wheel.


James said...

Which New Zealander?

Crypticity said...

Roy Courlander. It is quite an interesting story...