Sunday, January 29, 2006


In our adrenalin filled world, an idea of bliss is sometimes hard to find. Maybe my last list mixed bliss and happiness, and probably with some pleasure in there too. For me now, bliss is the feeling of being unencumbered, released from something or to be immersed in an experience and hence released by other things.

The most interesting thing for me is that the bliss itself is not pleasure nor pain, but just experiencing what the senses bring..


James said...

So, are you saying that bliss is not necessarily perfect happiness? It could be about sadness or pain too?

Crypticity said...

Well, these are just my own words, I would still say that bliss is not pleasure nor pain. To my way of thinking, I can think of four positive feelings, I think there are four: pleasure, bliss and happiness, contentedness. They can happen at the same time but are not the same.

Happiness is the happy emotion
Pleasure is sensual delight
Bliss is release from oppression
Contentedness is satisfaction with the base of your life.

So if you have 'perfect happiness' you could have bliss or you might not either because they are not the same nor mutually exclusive. It just depends on what you are feeling.

Bliss might not last because it is founded on the action of release, not a constant state. The feeling once you get to the top of the mountain and rest looking out over. Happiness can be feeling elation for something, basking in your achievement. Like winning a prize. But pleasure is in a time and a place and in an action. The first touch of chocolate on the tongue - over in an instant. Contentedness is constant, the realisation that any topography is a reason for joy and that any dip into sadness will bring you back to the happy-medium with time.

But that is my terminology though - based on recent thoughts.

James said...

And, some of these states are easier to achieve than the others. I agree that pleasure is based on the senses, so if you want some pleasure then you need only, say, eat some Caramello or listen to your favourite CD.

If I'm feeling sad (opposite of happy), then I can temporarily distract myself by seeking pleasure.