Friday, January 20, 2006

The third week of the year

is drawing to a finish. I didn't get around to planning my professional career much. Priority was given to embracing the little time I had with my lover before she goes back to her island and mountain, and with me preparing for work proper, also resting with back pain I didn't have a terribly large amount of time to do any of the investigations I was planning.

What my sister believes is a back spasm is causing me no end of grief. Fortunately I'll be going to the physio on Saturday and hopefully healing can begin. It is overshadowing my usual worries about my ankle.

My good news is that I have moved to three days a week for work, an extra 4 hours a week. Anyone who knows my pay rate knows that this is quite a significant increase. I want to make this year count as much as I can financially so it is a good start.


Crypticity said...

My first visit to a physiotherapist was a breath of fresh air. I wonder why I have been procrastinating it for so long. I could have gone last year for my other foot, but I felt to preoccupied and didn't want to muck around with doctors.

Yesterday I went and he neatly clicked my back into place. Though my back still hurts ("like when you remove a thorn, the pain remains"), the heart of the pain has gone, leaving the easier to deal with peripheral pain.

My ankle was less clearcut but I have my own programme of treatment to follow, and I also know the reason for the problem. The latest discomfort of a compensating injury in that due to my original sprain I was walking differently and injured the other side of my foot. It is interesting because I had the same problem on the other foot.

Anyway, let's hope that from now it will be smooth sailing. I am having a day of rest.

Crypticity said...

After much self-treatment and rest over the last few days, it seems that both my ankle and back are coming round and will be good in a short while. I'm glad.

As part of my three day working week, I have some big gaps for future 'students' to fill. I'll do some light exercise with both in those.