Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Winding up

...seems a rather contradictory phrase. If you wind up a business, or your work for the day, it is about to finish, whereas in terms of someone about to punch you, it is about building energy to unleash upon... in preparation of a beginning.

I am winding up (the latter) for 2006 with some resolution not to let 2005's slump continue.

After a restful first week to the new year, chewing through books, playing with my step-sis and acquainting myself with my half-bro, I have plunged back into busyness - mostly in a preparatory manner. Doctors were on my list of things to do - Optometrists, dentists and doctors. My eyes haven't regressed a smidgin. The only thing threatening my teeth are a couple of rather unwise upstarts that will need to be dealt with this year. Once my ankle is better, I will be physically well set for my onslaught this year.

The next two weeks (starting Monday) will be a complete review of where I am going and analysis of the options in front of me. Will it be work or study proper?

During this time, I will be also reviewing my spiritual path for the year. Whether I need to reflect back on it or progress in a different direction. I have pretty much taken the direct focus away from it over the last few years. But it might be time to re-evaluate the foundation on which I stand.

Chess will also have its time under my eye to decide whether I want to get back into competitive chess. I have felt a little dimmer since I stopped playing.

And with the temporary return of my beloved on Friday evening, it also provides a time to have a look at 2006 and contemplate what it might hold.

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Crypticity said...

Hmmmmm, I seem to have used thrice as many off-peak minutes as I have free minutes.