Monday, June 11, 2007

It is the emptiness of the wheel that gives it its function

My first day of jury duty ended with being randomly not selected for two trials, one long horrific one and one short milder one. I didn't even get to the point when I could be challenged by the lawyers. Nevermind, better luck tomorrow.


James said...

Isn't it the roundness of the wheel that does that?

Crypticity said...

A wheel without a hole for the axle in it is pretty functionless, isn't it?

Either way, it was a paraphrase from a philosophical book. The general point is that emptiness is a/the crucial part of function. My slant was that to have a jury it is crucial to have a majority of the pool rejected (left to read books and shoot the breeze). The rejected are a necessary part. Just like in a competition, victory means nothing if it weren't for those who participated but didn't achieve victory.

So even though you could say that I didn't really achieve much on my jury service because I did't actually serve on a jury, it was crucial I was there so that a jury could be selected and the pool retains some semblance of being a fair group to judge the accused.

Or at least that is a better way to view my four days of duty. I read a lot about the Big Bang. A classic story, that.

Anyway, do you still plan to write about reality? Are you waiting for the right moment?

James said...

Your point is good. I stand by my point... but I was also just trying to stir things :-)

I should get around to my reality post soon. I still need to get my life organised again.

Angel and I still intend to come around for dinner (thanks for the invite). We just need to find a good night.

Crypticity said...

That sounds great. Maybe select a few nights that both Angel and you find possible and we'll see when it is best for us. Provided I get my act together, any evening is fine but that is not always the case. And then Xin's timetable is appropriately 'creative' and can vary hour to hour.

Getting one's life organised should take precedence over blogposts. Good luck with that.