Wednesday, June 13, 2007

lifeThe (spinning) wheel of Justice

Another two days of jury service has provided me with more chatting and book-reading. Today I got as close as I have done so far to serving on a jury. My name was called. I stood up and took two steps before the accused uttered the word 'challenge' to send me back to my seat. My ex-con friend said that he recognised the accused from his time in prison; he just didn't recognise the name.

In other news, fate, intuition, or mere coincidence has come to bear relieving me of some festering guilt. When a team-mate in our Trailwalker team pulled out, he entrusted me with his sponsorship book and a donation cheque. Very regrettably, despite my best intentions, it was misplaced and had been missing for three months, presumed fatally recycled in a freak paper sorting accident. Despite repeated ransackings over the house and the general passing of time (which often brings lost objects to light), it never reemerged. This week is the last for donation books to be sent in and d-day in terms of sorting out the associated mess (calling OXFAM, that member and telling his donor to rip up their receipt etc.). I decided to call them yesterday, coming home from jury duty with the full intent of doing it as soon as I got in the door. I hesitated, procrastinated with the use of a book and my business accounting. Time moved forward to 4:30pm when I finally summoned enough resolve to get up to the phone and bite the bullet. But naturally I walked past the phone and into my room where I felt compelled to do some tidying. 'Perhaps it was in my old folders' my mind said. 'You're procrastinating' said my my conscience. It wasn't in my folders. I looked down at the bottom shelf of my desk and sore a little pile of things. I'd looked their before of course. But I was moved to look through them. Moving the top one revealed a sponsorship book beneath. I had found it! After dancing around the house and doing various victorious poses in glory, I sat down feeling elated before dashing out the door to my evening engagement.

All hail procrastination!

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