Friday, June 08, 2007


Woe is me. My run of weird illnesses and injuries has gained another chapter. This week has become rather horrid, first of all mysteriously hurting my knee. I have been limping since Tuesday evening, and it is still a problem now. I have no idea what set it off but it was significant enough to slow me down significantly.

Then on Wednesday I developed a weird condition where my eyes, cheeks and sinuses feel intolerably pressurised. It was invariably better in the mornings, leading me to go to work where it would start to increase the pressure hour by hour, verging on a headache but never quite getting there. In the evenings, I'd struggle to get dinner ready (Xin's 'enjoying' her busiest period of the year) and then doing my best to prepare lesson plans so that should I be well in the morning, I'd be able to work. And then the cycle began afresh the next day.

My approach was to get to bed as soon as I could to give my body a chance to recover. This plan went well except for the fact I still feel like crap. I drove to work, but always on the way back I was wondering whether I would be focussed enough. The feeling of imminent brain implosion is something of a distraction.

I'm glad it's Friday.


Crypticity said...

After this post, the discomfort went quite strongly into the pain category and almost unbearably so. I took some painkillers and went to bed at 9pm - but I had enough time to theorise what the problem was.

It is interesting that only when I was lying down could I isolate the source of the discomfort. It seemed to be coming from beyond the upper root of my left-upper fang. But the tooth itself wasn't sensitive. But I do know that there is a dental nerve, which is notoriously sensitive, around there that service many areas of the face. If there was an infection around that nerve it could spread pain throughout the face.

Naturally the morning has come and surprisingly I feel much better. If it pipes up again I'll be off to the doctor. And it would be interesting to see if my theory is accurate.

Crypticity said...

And soon as it reached the above mentioned peak, I felt better the next day, even better the next and then fine up till now...