Sunday, March 13, 2005

Dreams revisited

Only in the last few hours have I felt a semblance of health, but I think it is just good spirits numbing the sickness rather than a genuine recovery. I will have a good sleep tonight. My dream last night was quite an interesting one. In the early morning, I struggled to know whether it really happened.

The setting was the day before my final practicum (oddly I had a clear dream at that particular time too). I was at an early morning University class (or maybe it was an AIESEC activity) before I had to go to the practicum school. It was annoying, I thought, to have a class before I went on practicum. After that finally ended, I realised I didn't know where the school was and had to ask at a petrol station. The school's name was Parnel Normal Primary School (this name I can thank my father for, as it was a misremembered school name by him as a possible lead, the school doesn't exist). After struggling my way, just managing to get there on time, I saw all the teachers drinking coffee at the cafe style seating outside the school. I realised I didn't know who the principal was, so I just asked "Where is the principal?" She was nearby and I explained my situation, and she said she would take me to the classroom, reminding me I would be teaching from today onward, because that was what you had to do on your final practicum (this is patently wrong). I went into what was an ultra-crowded classroom with maybe 40 children. I talked with the teacher who showed me the daily plan, which was printed onto the wall, apparently it was the same everyday, so they could just leave it there printed. I watched the teacher teach for a while. But then a blonde-haired girl left the mat for some reason and I had to look after her. I held her, but there were disapproving looks from other people.

I was quite impressed by my recall of this dream. It is probably one of the more detailed sequences I have remembered. It was so vivid that for a moment I thought that I had to go to the school in the morning.

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