Wednesday, March 16, 2005

No more leads...

Well, I have fired all my shots, and still have nothing to show for it. I just got back a letter to say I wasn't shortlisted for the NZ Army museum Education Officer position. I had had quite a bit of hope of at least getting an interview.

Now it really is back to the drawing board, as I am not really 'waiting' for anything now. Tomorrow afternoon, I will be 're-loading' and set off my best shots before the 'second term' jobs vanish and (*gasp*) 'third term' positions suddenly appear... (shudders...). My father has given me a good lead that I haven't yet done justice to, so that will be my first target.

My ESOL work has consumed me in the last few weeks and I have been getting results too. Another odd phenomenon was a spontaneous pay-rise. The administrator just came out yesterday afternoon and said, "Congratulations, you are getting a pay-rise!". I am still on less than the high rate I was on prior to leaving in 2003, but I was not expecting to just land back at that rate. The course I am doing curriculum planning for is a wonderful success. I am teaching in a way that accommodates both high and low beginners, simultaneously. I had the great pleasure today of seeing my students seize shop assistants at Downtown shopping centre, and ask those hard questions. And try on clothes (what a joy for the girls) and gasp at the ridiculous prices...
I have made generalised dialogues for all situations in the course, and usually test them out on unsuspecting people before I teach them to the class. I also use assessment techniques which are straight from Primary teaching... which are highly appropriate for the course. There are numerous 'successes' from the course so I am grinning ear-to-ear.

Anyway, employment confusion shall still reign, and in the meantime, I have finally got my first paycheck in 16 months.

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James said...

Would you like me to look over your CV and see if I have any suggestions for improvement?