Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Hard Day

After a late night at the pub quiz, and then a night of weird dreams of a dragon tracing my steps, everyone staying in a house overnight (a real jam), and two of my guy friends finding chemistry between them (I won't mention names), I woke up tired.

I worked through a lacklustre morning class, and then a great afternoon class. As I had an interview in howick at 5pm, I had to run for my bus to Howick which left outside Showgirls at 3:05pm (5 mins. from end of class to one the bus). I caught the wrong bus then seeing the right one, jumped on over to that one. At Hunters Corner, I had to change buses but the place they call Hunters Corner is a little more than just one stop... it is spread over several corners... so after clarifying with RideLine I thought I missed my connecting bus. So I waited there, then caught the bus (which was actually late) and arrived at 4:30pm, which should have been enough time to find the school. Regrettably, the directions I had were not good, and what's worse, I wrote one of the street names wrongly... But after some deduction, I eventually deduced the location (oh the blessings of brains) and arrived at 4:58.

The interview went well, and I will know by tomorrow whether I have got it. Pt Chevalier haven't made contact with me so I will assume the worst. If the Howick school also falls through I might need to get back up and apply for another lot of schools. Since I started working on the Curriculum in the afternoons, I have only sent in one application.

In other news, it has been a bad day for mountaineering. Not only did several climbers and a guide fall to their deaths on Mt Cook, but a body was also found on Mt Taranaki. It is creepy to hear that someone died on a summit I have visited... Cook and Taranaki are constant competitors in the killing stakes.

Now I feel thoroughly ragged, and my eyes feel horrible. I will sleep early and get ready for my class at school.

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