Thursday, March 31, 2005

"Secret Training"

This term I got from the AIESECer who introduced me to AIESEC, Yasuteru. He used it in reference to practising his roller-blading on Mission Bay. To practice without others around. I used the term today and my Japanese students laughed.. Maybe it is a bit of Japanese English now.

I had my "Secret Training" tonight, practising the Korean song "I believe" repetitively. It is the first song I have sung all of and can sing in time with the music. I can thank Master Winston Kim for his guidance and singing teaching.

I was pleasantly surprised that the karaoke place had some song such as Creep and even Fake Plastic Trees (which only people like me would sing) both by Radiohead.

Anyway, tomorrow is the day of song. And strangely it is the Japanese song that I'll have to sing which is making me nervous.


James said...

Are you entering a song contest?

Crypticity said...

Er, no. I must have forgotten to add that as part of the course I am writing, I have got the students to go to karaoke.

However, as some of them were not that confident, I said, if they all sing one English song, I will sing a Japanese and Korean song.

But I had never learnt a korean song before now.