Saturday, March 12, 2005

A week at 0/2

Well a week of promise has finally found its tarnished lining. Two promising interviews have resulted in two rebuffs. Coupled with that, I have fallen ill again, with a raw throat and a constant fatigue. And to top that off my feet are causing me grief.

Now that I have removed all that negative news from my system, now for the positives. Besides my ailments, I am going pretty well. I took advantage of Borders' "student day" and also a Jason Books store sale and so I have a big pile of tempting books.

My language school Intrax was inundated with students this week with three Brazilians and four Japanese pouring in the door. The Brazilians would seem to be adding an enjoyable but tricky dynamic to the school. One is an absolute English beginner, but he is learning fast. Another is a sleazy 20 year old, with a penchant for pulling up his shirt and rubbing his belly. He has already missed a day of class due to the effect of a drinking night (on his third day in New Zealand). And then there is the mature, proficient one, whom I have not had more than a few words with. The Japanese are by comparison fairly typical.

This has all set up the course I am designing as crucial. On Monday morning, the first day of the 12-week course, I thought there would be three students in that afternoon class. But with the influx of students, suddenly I had six and one observer! (and the observer duly signed on meaning a $50 bonus for me). I was concerned about the level of the first week, as we were covering rather mundane introductions etc. but with a bit of teasing of the material it easily lasted, was good for all, from the proficient (and educationally voracious) Koreans to the beginner Brazilian whose desperate attempts to communicate have been rewarded with some phrases and words. As my sickness deepened, I haven't had a chance to develop the course more, hopefully a restful Saturday will provide a productive Sunday.

Also, the cricket has been great. A colleague and I recently cracked the secret to winning cricket. All we have to do is have me slander our players while he expresses his admiration and belief in their ability (which he admitted is hard). I spoke of the stupidity of selecting Cumming (who scored a great 74 on debut) while he spoke of the talent of Hamish Marshall (who scored an even great 140 odd). And a few comments about our hopeless bowlers by me and the logical platitudes from him have resulted in a fine bowling performance.

Any whoo, back to reclining and convalescence. Later.

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