Sunday, December 26, 2004

The Day Before My Trip

After quite a hiatus, I have had another dream with mega-fauna in it. This time it was a crocodile that metamorphosised into an anaconda. The anaconda arranged itself in an odd position, but someone learned informed us that it was a way for it to maximise the number of us that it could snare. I managed to survive, as my dream transported me to another space and time. I have no idea what happened to my colleagues back at the zoo. The next phase of the dream was a curious one that is hard to put into words.

The recent earthquakes; a huge deep sea earthquake a few days ago south of New Zealand, and just now a huge South-East Asian earthquake (8.9 on the Richter scale) have made me a little cautious about going to Te Anau, which has had been struck numerous times in the last few years. I haven’t noticed the earthquakes or tremors that I have been in the position to feel. As much as I would like to experience one, a huge earthquake far from home is not the way that I have in mind. Or maybe if such an earthquake were to strike it is better that it strikes as far from home as possible... Either way, it should be an interesting trip. ;-)

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James said...

Hmmm... I hope that you don't bring bad luck on the tramp! Perhaps I should get you to walk a few metres in front of me, so that whatever is going to happen gets you first. ;-)