Monday, December 06, 2004

Faced with a Face to Face

Finally, after 99% of other student teachers have gotten jobs, schools with vacancies have finally come to the conclusion... They need to possibly accept the possibility of interviewing Daniel Goudie for the position... well two schools have come to that conclusion, so I have interviews (finally) on Wednesday and Thursday.

This has been a good boost to my motivation.


Crypticity said...

1st interview: After a slightly mistaken trip to the school, I arrived early and was received early. The principal was a cheerful woman, and the school seem pretty cheerful. I am not sure if I really want to work there. Just the feeling. Also it is difficult to get there.

I didn't think I acquitted myself very well. I don't think I marketed myself well. But then again, it was a learning interview if I want to prepare well for tomorrow's interview.

James said...

Out of the 2 schools, had you already decided that the 2nd one was probably going to be your preference? There might be a self-fulfilling prophesy going on.

Crypticity said...

I wouldn't want to think that happened but maybe it did. It only occurred to me when the interview was nearly finished that I realised it was more of a school visit than a job interview.

But if that were my only interview, then what would I do? Would my approach have been more serious?

I had a good chat with the principal though.

Crypticity said...

Well, my second interview done, and I am reasonably optimistic. I think I couldn't have done any better on the questions asked.

It was interesting that at the other school interview there was just the principal, whereas at my last one there was a whole panel! It wasn't as daunting as I thought it would be.

I think it is up to someone else to present better than me to justify me not getting the job.