Monday, December 13, 2004

Got chocolate?

While I was swimming tonight, I was called at home and on my mobile phone by the Principal of Royal Oak Primary, the school I had been most keen on. My application did not succeed. So it is back to the drawing board... and maybe an anxious wait over Christmas. I am hoping more desperate schools call me for interviews...


James said...

How many schools have you sent CVs to and are still awaiting a response? Can you apply for any more places?

Crypticity said...

I am awaiting lots of replies, but I know most have already gone passed their application dates a long time ago. This means that they have not got around to sending their Thank you for your application but.. letters. There are a few who are holding onto my CV and if they are interested, will be calling this week.

The torrent of vacancies has become a trickle.

It might be a case of applying for anything now. Intermediates, Waiuku, Year Ones and New Entrants, Relief teaching, anything.

I have felt rather physically ill tonight. It might be partially the influence of the swim but it really hit when I heard the result. I will be calling the principal tomorrow for clarification on why (you can do that).