Friday, December 24, 2004

I wish you, I wish you, I wish you, Merry Christmas~

And so I have come to the 26th Christmas of my years, and I have almost fallen over the top of it. Like a hiccup in the road. It seems sad that it has that feeling attached to it now, after years of meaning attached to it. I hope in the enthusiasm of my step-sister I will see the joy and anticipation. Maybe that's the whole purpose of children, to remind us of things gone by.

As for the title of this, if you were trying to match it to a carol or song, it is quite difficult to know unless you have a broad lingual range. It is the chorus of a cantonese pop-song by Aaron Kwok. Christmas is really taking off abroad. Mindless consumerism and a reason to party? Why not! Xin was telling me Chinese people have their parties on Christmas Eve, something we would never do. It would intimidate Santa too much to have people staying up into the wee-small hours of the morning while he is trying to quietly deliver.

So, I wish you all the best of days, to meet the family and maybe give something useful and receive something useful. Enjoy it.

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