Friday, December 10, 2004

Mistaken Day of Promise and Loss

All sorts happened today. Possibilities opened and others snuffed.

My language exchange in Japanese went very well, and she was blown away by the fact that I was more accomplished in Kanji (chinese characters) but struggled with the word for "tell" (a rather simple word). Of course there are obvious reasons for it. I forgot two characters though.

Taking advantage of Kathmandu's sale I took time finding some nice shoes, only to find that they wanted to charge me full price, I said I was mistaken and would go back to looking, but then the man who helped me said that he had not corrected any misunderstanding on my part, and even pointed out on the shoe box that it had a sale sticker, so they sold it to be with 50% off. Not bad!

Then I was a little bit confused where to go, and then I suddenly remembered my bus pass, which was deficient in bus-fares. No place could seem to add them onto my card since I still had one final tertiary pass. So annoying. I will lambast the idiocy of Stagecoach tomorrow, if they have someone on... Anyway, I jumped on the bus using the last pass I wanted to be rid of and then got home. That was when I realised I was no longer carrying my new shoes. Arururururururururururururururururururururururururugtfr fr fr fr fr q340y8hifvoiasjfptrtrtrtr53.


Anyway, calling up StarMart resulted in the recovery of my purchased items - I will pick them up tomorrow.
Then to cap it all off, it went and rained out the cricket match.

Good night one and all.


ideacat said...

did you pick up my photos?

Crypticity said...

Ah, yes I did. That was an annoying part of my day too. I arrived at 3:45 and they said that the courier hadn't arrived yet. So I went to the school of education to pick up assignment (Anzac Ave), checked the closing time of Kathmandu (which was 8pm), raced back up the hill to University to get the photos and then raced to Starbucks Victoria St for language exchange at 4:30pm (and I arrived a few minutes early!).

But yes, ther are in hand. Not bad quality~ I will be going into the city today, possibly doing language exchange and then dropping by your home to drop them off.