Monday, November 22, 2004

Done diddly done

A mixture of exhaustion and lethargy has washed over me. I finished my practicum on a moderate high and then entered a busy weekend. Now I am back at school for two days, met with mediocre assignment grades, a 50% employment rate of my class, and some soporific lessons.

I was kept anxious last night by a surreal "teaching dream" and woke early and couldn't get back to sleep. I had to arrest some of my concerns so I went online, got a list of jobs available, deleted unsuitable ones, condensed them and printed them.

I still have a bit of pent up anxiety about teaching. I am worried about not getting a job, and worried about getting a job. Fortunately this is my only worry at present so it is easy to handle. One goal.

I started to read a Chinese book again today and was presented with little difficulty reading it. I spoke some chinese on Friday and on the weekend and was slightly more challenged. My Maori has not coped as well, being a new language to my repertoire but there is also less knowledge to recoup so that will just be a matter of time.

Anyway, that is my rant for now. This week should be progressively more blissful.

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