Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Oh dear.

A day's worth of pennicillin. An early night. Seemingly improving yesterday. All meant nothing.
I awoke this morning and feel probably the worst I have felt in this bout of ill-health. The illusory pain in my ear (radiated pain as my doctor called it) seems to be boring into my skull. The cold/flu symptoms are more prominent and the pain in my mouth excruciating at times.

So, defying my expectations, I am having another day off.

I remember my first year at ASL when I might have only had one day off in a year. And my high school days when I got attendence awards (some of my only days off were actually caused by... throat ulcers). Anyway, I might watch the Passion of the Christ today just to make my pain seem less significant.

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Crypticity said...

Well, in addition to penicillin, I also have tablets called ibuprofen, and now I find that they make the patient drowsy. No wonder I feel so sleepy. I might have to stop taking them if I am teaching tomorrow.

It was $1 Tuesday at Videoezy so I got two non-new releases, Catch me if you can and What dreams may come. Both have suited my state of mind.