Monday, November 15, 2004

Te mutunga

The beginning of the end has begun. Today passed easily, with my University moderator praising me highly despite my lack of paperwork (trust me to forget a crucial thing like that). That means I have passed the course, no disaster can stop me, which could be a problem for general focus for the rest of the week, as some things still need to be finished.

And there is still some things to gain.

Tomorrow will be my busiest day of the week (including an observation by the Principal) but then I will be winding down and blissfully so, it is to be hoped.

My mind has already started to get enthused with being engaged in foreign languages, trying new recipes, reading books (which is not my thing usually anyway), painting, tramping and running, playing chess, writing stories, swimming at beaches, travelling and watching movies. The list goes on...

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