Friday, November 12, 2004

Week's end

The last two days have flown by. Things are moving. It is rather nice.

Finally a deluge of feedback on my teaching is flowing from my Associate Teacher, which is great, although disconcerting due to the lack of time to make changes. She is right on the money with many of her comments. I am glad I have a weekend now to think about it all and put it together in my final week, where my actual teaching opportunities will be reduced day by day. My final effective day of teaching will be Wednesday but this will be minimal. Monday it will teaching all but one lesson, and one particular lesson observed by my associate teacher.
Tuesday will be my opportunity to re-view my associate in action. Wednesday will be my chance to try music (body percussion perhaps) and Thursday hopefully will be completely observing another teacher. Friday will be sport, observing and an assembly.

I am knackered yet again. Glad to have an early night on a Friday to recoup my lost energy and prepare for a more energetic period of preparation. There are a lot of non-Daniel caused tears this week. It seems a rocky life being in primary school. Some cruel tongues, some tightrope friendships, some fragile self-esteem.

Depressed by the lack of anything to vegetate in front of on the mainstream TV, I switched through the channels to discover that my beloved Koorero Mai had been moved. I hadn't seen it for many weeks, since I got crunched with the constant work. It moved to 7pm meaning I was an hour late. But flicking back through, I found that Triangle TV had a Taiwanese programme Weijie Zhi Mi (Unsolved mysteries). I focussed roughly trying to listen and to understand the mysteries of my lost language ability. They talked about how the KGB used microwaves to control the killers of the Kennedy brothers, mind reading and other arcane things. I miss learning language. So much more straight forward! My brain sighs.

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