Friday, September 17, 2004

All loose ends tied, or all tied in knots?

Cruel and Usual frustrations.

Although I appeared for a brief period on The World's Most Hugged Person chart, today has been a rather meaningless day and I feel a sense of unease. I have finished my practicum, but it is becoming more apparent that I haven't got enough information for my assignments. Ah well. Now I again will have to do some stretching of truth and proof.

Another big weekend due for assignments coming.

Late last night while briefly wanting to check the internet accidentally pressed the backslash key as I pressed enter to connect. This wiped the "saved" password and re-"saved" a backslash as my password, which naturally was not the real password... Fortunately these things can be fixed although I think the system for resetting passwords is not very taxing for the would-be connection thief.


ideacat said...

If you really want to prevent the connection thief, you shouldn't tick "Save password" at all.

James said...

That goes without saying.

Crypticity said...

But all I needed to change my password was details such as address and name and login name. These are all on an account letter. So technically I could just find someones bill in the trash and get the company to change it.

The save password function is only risky if someone else breaks into your house or you have tricky people living in the same house.