Monday, September 06, 2004

I was bruised and battered and I couldn’t tell what I felt... ... and here comes the sun!

And another week begins.

The weekend was meant to have been some respite from the ups and downs of the previous week. That was until my body realised what my mind knew all along. I had been infected by a virus of some sort. With irritated eyes, concentrating on computer screens difficult was difficult for me. What is worse, my computer claimed to be having its own sickness, although now it seems like hypochondria. It reported "virus-like activity" in MS Explorer. So I scanned, and fiddled and searched and let the computer scan while I was sleeping (hard to sleep with the computer on). This all bluntened my effort to prepare for the next two weeks.

The few successes of the weekend were the first meeting for my 10 minute drama, which now seems to be a 5 minute drama and negotiating Father's Day. I went to bed on Sunday and woke up on Monday morning with a feeling of unease. I was rather unprepared for the next day let alone the next week. I had only done an activity for their computer session and thrown together reading questions.

But I arrived at school, and the sun, as they say, rose again. Despite the worsen symptoms of a cold, things went well, and I controlled the whole class, for the whole day and everything was fine. Except for my voice, which has lost most of its upper registers. I had originally thought that I should beg my associate to takeover after lunch so I could recuperate at home, but when lunch came I felt OK. And I was even coughing less than many of the children... although some of the children seem to be faking.

Now, I am back in a confident mood but still suffering from this cold.

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